Healthy Trees with Ironwood Wilderness
Healthy Trees with Ironwood Wilderness
Healthy Trees with Ironwood Wilderness
Healthy Trees with Ironwood Wilderness
Healthy Trees with Ironwood Wilderness
Healthy Trees with Ironwood Wilderness
Healthy Trees with Ironwood Wilderness
Healthy Trees...Healthy People

Healthy Trees - Happy People

Trained and Qualified Teams Come to Your Site

Trained and Qualified Teams

Transforming Your Backyard

Transforming Your Backyard

Honest Client Relationships

Honest Client Relationships

We Offer Tree Risk Assessments

We Offer Tree Risk Assessments

Urban Forestry Consulting and Education

Urban Forestry Consulting & Education

We Focus on Safety

We Focus on Safety

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In light of the unprecedented global pandemic, and the Ontario government's updated list of essential services, I felt it important to reach out to clients and update them on how we are choosing to proceed as a company.  It is very important to me that Ironwood keeps within the guidelines laid out by the province.

That being said, at this time we will solely focus on tree pruning, dead wooding, reduction and removals for the management of risk and the safe operation of facilities such as homes.

For site work, we will be working in small crews outdoors, and we ask that when in-person, clients keep a min 6ft distance.

With that said, tree planting, and management aesthetic purposes will remain on hold for as long as the provincial government deems necessary. It is my personal hope that these measures stop the spread of COVID-19 and we get to the other side of this challenge with minimal heartbreak.

As always, if you have any questions, or would like to have your trees addressed for the concerns outlined above, please give me a call at 905-906-3602.

At Ironwood we have a passion for outdoor spaces.

We believe in and build honest client relationships.

We allow you to have the peace of mind that the work will get done
with minimal headaches.

Check out our individual Service Pages for each area of service:

Business has changed in the 21st century. Versatility is important, as a part of that, we work with various clientele from government, to private resident. Our priority lies first in building long-term relationships with our clients, so that Ironwood is a name they can trust when they need a solution to a tree problem. There is no client too small for our team to take care of.


  • Individual homeowners who want to take care of their trees, manage their landscape, and have the peace of mind that comes with having a professional take care of dangerous, skilled work.

Commercial - Institutional

  • Property management companies, schools, and builders often come across tree problems. Whether it’s keeping a tree alive during construction, or ensuring newly planted trees survive, we make our client’s lives easier.

Government - Urban Forestry

  • Management of contracts and large numbers of trees for municipal governments and conservation authorities.


  • Our skilled team, as well as an extensive network of arborists, provide education and share our experiences with the public and industry professionals alike.

Servicing the Southwestern Ontario Area

What is General Practice Arboriculture?

The approach of general practice aims to take into consideration the biological, biomechanical, and social factors relevant to each tree.  This means blending skill sets of both climbing and consulting, for forward-thinking holistic arboriculture.

Unfortunately, in most cases, tree services do not have an arborist on staff, and oftentimes the crew showing up to the site are not working under the direction of an arborist. With Ironwood, everything is meant to be professional with the best practice in mind for the client.

This means being trained to treat trees of any age and species to levels of complexity that vary between environment.

An arborist knows the ins and outs of trees, including the living and non-living things that affect their health and structure. We know when urgent intervention may be necessary and can help you through the process.

When an arborist is dealing with hundreds of trees, their health and their role in the urban environment, the arborist is practicing urban forestry.

An arborist that specializes in general practice has a wide range of knowledge of the problems, and solutions, that come with tree ownership, and management.

A professional arborist who is maintaining an exclusive client list based on referrals and good relationships.

The tree that the company is named after is tough, slow-growing and long-lasting.

Here's What Our Customers Have To Say!

I had way to many overgrown Siberian Elm tress along the back of my lot that were aged and in desperate need of grooming. After discussions with the crew and Kyle regarding the ongoing process of trimming and removal of trees, my yard is looking much better.  The professional integrity of this team was amazing my concern before starting this process was my neighbours properties - I was amazed at how they took down these trees that had to be removed with out any damage to the outlaying properties. I have no hesitation to recommend or use this team again! Job well done!

Jill, Hamilton ON

Re : Ironwood Arboricultural Solutions – Kyle McLoughlin & the advantage for me

History :

I met Kyle in September of 2019 when he effected a Tree Risk Assessment on my backyard locust. I was impressed by his approachability, his range of knowledge, his thoroughness, and his professionalism. He outlined a plan whereby I could enjoy shade from this tree for years to come as opposed to providing firewood for the neighbourhood in winter 2019/2020.

Life/weather/COVID-19 - conspired to delay that plan. However, Wednesday May 13th, 2020 - plan became reality. Confidence in my having made right choice for arborist was borne out in seeing manner gear for job was set out /attention to detail with tree rigging/property respect/ ttention to safety – equipment inspection prior use & which continued throughout conscientious execution of job detail.

Bonus round for me – As a tradesperson, I was heartened to see Kyle’s interaction with his crew.  e.g. Explained what cut he would use on a given limb & why. Coached them from 50 feet up on rope loops to effect equipment lifts with patience and respect. Asked for their input in attaining desired job execution and aesthetic look. i.e. They were included, that crucial element which helps build and expand participants’ knowledge base and confidence on their road to journeyperson. Good to see.

Via Ironwood Arboricultural Solutions, I engaged an impressive crew with an admirable work ethic that met and exceeded metrics I set out for when engaging personnel to work on my property.

Thank you Kyle, Ryan & Kelly for a job well done.

John, St Catherines ON

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